— Laura Uglow, Tatler Award Winning Post-Natal Specialist and Personal Trainer —



Would you like to get your body back and discover how you can feel fit, confident, strong and full of energy as a new (or not so new!) mum?


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I developed the True Vitality 4 Mums Nutrition and Fitness programmes after I had my daughter Imogen in 2011 to show you how you can exercise safely and effectively through pregnancy and beyond, get out of the coffee and cake slump and stay full of energy for your journey through motherhood.

This isn't a crash diet or endless hours of army-style bootcamp, but a healthy, sustainable and fun way of life!

It's for women who want to get into healthy eating habits forever, and who want to learn the right exercise they should do in the pre and post-natal period and how to fit their workouts into their busy days.

Feel Stronger, Fitter and More Confident after the Birth of your Baby.

Let me show you how!

Success Stories

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'I feel transformed, so fit, healthy and energetic and having lost over 19 1/2 inches in 12 weeks is amazing!' *


'I lost 24 1/2 inches all over and ended up much lighter & healthier than even before I was pregnant! Great results.' *


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