Hi I'm Laura Uglow.

Tatler Award winning Post-Natal Fitnesss, Nutrition and Wellness Expert with well over a decade of experience helping mums like you transform their health and fitness after pregnancy.

I know how eager you must feel to get your body back and feel like your old self again, and that you would love to get out of the cake and coffee slump, but I also completely understand that you are short of time and exhausted. This is why I have gifted you my FREE 10-Step Guide to Post-Natal Flat Abs here...

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How many times have you said this to yourself? I am...

Short of time.


Desperate to flatten my tummy and  get rid of my post-natal pooch.

Concerned that my pre-pregnancy jeans still don't fit.

Not sure what exercise I can do safely and effectively in the post-natal period.

Hungry and bloated all the time.

Failing to get results, yet have tried a few diets and exercise plans.

I get it, I've been there myself and I know you need help. This is why I created my Flat Abs Guide especially for you.

I’m sharing the exact same things with you in my 10 Step Guide that helped me to get my flat tummy and confidence back after I had my daughter Imogen in 2011. These are the same things that have helped my clients to lose their baby tummies and get back into their pre-pregnancy clothes. In fact, the information I share with you in this guide has given some of my Mums flatter tummies than they had before they had a baby! Getting back into shape after pregnancy doesn’t happen overnight but you have to begin somewhere (baby steps!).

So this is my way of helping you to take the first steps towards getting your body back to how you want it to be. Inside my FREE 10-Step Guide to Post-Natal Flat Abs you will discover...

  • The top 10 areas you should focus on to help you lose the baby weight.
  • How you can get your body, fitness and confidence back.
  • Which foods you should eat to banish the bloat.
  • The most effective exercises for strengthening and flattening your abs.
  • How to find the time to look after yourself without sacrificing precious family time.

'Yes the results will make you want to shout from the rooftops - but they're sustainable too. Go You.' Tatler Gym Awards 2016. Find out how Lisa Williams, Tatler Online Senior Editor transformed her life in 12 Weeks!



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