Let me show you how!

Hi I'm Laura Uglow.

Tatler Award winning Post-Natal Fitnesss, Nutrition and Wellness Expert with over a decade of experience helping mums like you transform their health and fitness after pregnancy.

I'm so excited that you are interested in joining my True Vitality 4 Mums 12-Week Transformation Programme! If you would like to feel stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident after the birth of your baby (without spending hours at bootcamp or sacrificing precious family time!) you have definitely come to the right place.

I know how eager you must feel to get your body back and feel like your old self again and I completely understand that you must be wondering with envy, how other new mums got their figures back and look gorgeous, glowing and healthy.

This is why I have gifted you my FREE 10-Step Guide to Post-Natal Flat Abs and you can get instant access to this at the bottom of this page.

How many times have you said this to yourself? I am...

Short of time.


Desperate to flatten my tummy and  get rid of my post-natal pooch.

Concerned that my pre-pregnancy jeans still don't fit.

Not sure what exercise I can do safely and effectively in the post-natal period.

Hungry and bloated all the time.

Failing to get results, yet have tried a few diets and exercise plans.

I get it, I've been there myself and I know you need help. This is why I created my 12-Week Transformation Programme for Mums.

Let me make this easy for you.

My 12-Week Transformation Programme is the plan that I created to get my body, fitness and confidence back after the birth of my daughter Imogen in 2011, and it is the system that I have used successfully with all of my post-natal clients since then! I would love to share my EXACT systems and structures with you to help you to take control of your life and feel fit, healthy and confident.

Don't you wish you:

Had a healthy relationship with food.

Knew how to fit the right exercise into your busy days.

Felt confident and had a positive body image.

Had a fantastic mindset and a positive outlook.

Creating the body and life you love and wish for is about so much more than a quick fix. It's about creating healthy, enjoying and sustainable habits which is what I will teach you in my programme.

'Yes the results will make you want to shout from the rooftops - but they're sustainable too. Go You.'

Tatler Gym Awards 2016.

This is a 12-week ONLINE fitness, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle programme for mums (however long it is since you had your baby!) who want amazing results that will last a lifetime. As a member you will:

Have lifetime access to the workout videos, nutrition plans and other information provided.

Be able to access to all new content which is added to the programme monthly.

Get membership to the private facebook group to help you build friendships, stay motivated and share your journey and success stories.

Be held accountable to enquire you reach your goals.

Get to work with a professional (Laura) who is highly qualified and has well over a decade's worth of experience working with post-natal clients.

Plus a lot more to help you on your way to reach your goals!

This is what our Clients say 🙂

'I feel transformed, so fit, healthy and energetic and having lost over 19 1/2 inches in 12 weeks is amazing!' *

'I lost 24 1/2 inches all over and ended up much lighter & healthier than even before I was pregnant! Great results.' *


If you are ready to stop failing and start succeeding and you would like to learn how to achieve and sustain the strong, healthy and confident body you desire then this is for you.

Let me show you how!

I also have a little gift for you that I wanted to share with you so if you would like to take the first step today and sign up to receive my Free 10-Step Guide to Post-Natal Flat Abs please use the link below.

I would love to help you become the healthiest, happiest and hottest mum you can be and I can't wait to see you in the programme.

You'll be glad you did it!

Lots of love Laura xx

Download Your Free Guide Here
  • My top 10 areas you should focus on to help you lose the baby weight.
  • Easy to follow Nutrition tips to help you boost energy and banish the bloat.
  • Effective and Post-Natal specific exercises for strengthening and flattening your abs.
  • Remove the mental blocks to success and turn fear into confidence.
  • How you can find the time to look after yourself without sacrificing precious family time.

For any enquiries about the Online 12-Week Transformation Programme, or if you would like to find out more information about how you can work with Laura in one of her exclusive and personalised Post-Natal or other Personal Training programmes and packages please email me using the link below or visit the contact page at


I’m Laura Uglow, a Post-Natal Nutrition and Fitness Coach with over a decade of experience. I’m passionate about helping new (and not so new!) mums to revamp their bodies, their health and their fitness after pregnancy.

I developed the Healthy Happy Mums 12 Week Transformation programme after I had my daughter in 2011 to show women like you how to lose the baby weight, get your body back and get out of the cake- and-coffee slump.


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