'I never thought that by meeting Laura my life would change as much as it has. During the programme I lost over 18 inches all over in total which was incredible and I was delighted with these results but it’s not just health or weight or fitness, it’s everything — self belief, strength , support network ,positive thinking, and an overall happiness. These are all the things Laura have given back to me.

After having my children I found it hard to get the time I needed to regain my fitness and also the time to eat well. But once I started with Laura, we worked towards a goal with plans that offered everything I needed to get control of my body and health again. Laura has taught me to make the most of every day and to never miss an opportunity to improve your wellbeing and most importantly she has showed me how to do all of this and not neglect the family either. As a result, my family have also embraced nutrition and exercise firmly. My 8 year old son is now training for a mini triathlon because he saw his Mum accomplish a 5km run.  Laura has given me the strength to be able to face and overcome physical or mental challenges that have risen in my life and at the same time to become healthier, fitter, stronger, happier and most importantly the best mother I can be to my kids.


Meera x' *


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