Why I Need To Get My Vitality Back

Why I Need To Get My Vitality Back.


Hi Ladies,


I hope that you are all well and that you had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New year.


As I think many of you already know, my family and I had a very tragic and heartbreaking end to 2014 with the loss of my only and beloved brother at 34 years of age. Personally I have found the last 5 weeks very hard and the stress and upset has taken a toll on my body and my immune system, which has resulted in me being completely wiped out with flu and in bed unable to do anything for the last 5 days. This is what has led me to write this blog today as I really need to get my health and vitality back again.


This blog isn’t about me giving myself a hard time though but it is about me realising that I now need to make a few changes and start to think about how I can get my own strength and vitality back for myself and the rest of my family’s sake. It won’t get rid of the grief I feel at losing my brother I know but without my health I realise I can’t actually cope at all, or even have enough energy to cry! I have missed playing with my little girl so much for the last few days and she needs me to be strong and able to be there for her as much as I need to see her little smile, which never fails to lift my spirits. So it is for my beautiful Imogen and my husband Bruce, my loving parents and the rest of my family and friends, as well as myself, that I vow to start looking after myself again today.


I am someone who practices what they preach. I eat very well, exercise regularly, enjoy life and I meditate regularly to keep my stress levels down and I feel good when I am doing this. This gives me the strength to be a good mum to Imogen and a supportive and fun wife to Bruce, as well as a good daughter, friend and Personal trainer to my clients. I am very lucky to live a life that I find fulfilling and one that makes me happy.


This all changed on Sunday November 30th 2014 when I heard the heartbreaking news from my distraught parents that they had found my little brother Daniel dead on the floor of his Edinburgh flat. My body went into shock, I couldn’t breathe, eat or sleep well for the first 48 hours and it was nothing short of horrific travelling on the flight to Edinburgh the next day to be with my parents.


Since then the anxiety and intense grief I have felt at his loss has meant that there have been some days I’ve barely eaten at all and other days where I’ve eaten nothing but toast and slices of pepperoni pizza (gluten free of course!). For all of you who know me this is a far cry from my vegetable juices, smoothies and other healthy food that I usually consume but I just couldn’t eat that way any more. I didn’t fancy anything really so I subconsciously went back to basics to get a few calories inside me. I’ve lost weight, I have no energy, my hair is lank and my skin pale, and I have been ill pretty much constantly for the last 5 weeks. Feeling so run down has only makes the grief worse and of course 3 year olds don’t understand that mummy is too poorly to be able to get out of bed to play with them, which is just heartbreaking. I have missed being with my daughter and the joy that she brings to our world these last few days.


So this morning I have made the decision that this must change, and starting from today I will be going back to my old healthy ways. I am not being harsh to myself by taking this stance as I couldn’t have coped with things any different the last few weeks but instead I have now made the promise to start being kind to myself.


When I am coaching someone to live a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle I always begin with good nutrition, which I believe to be the foundation for good health, and so that is where I will begin myself. Without good nutrition we lack energy, our health, skin and hair suffers, we can’t exercise, our blood sugar levels can jump all over the place leading to dips in mood and energy, and we gain or lose weight. This is turn affects our confidence and self-esteem and how we are around others.


By eating well again I will be feeding my body the nutrients it needs to get over the shock that it has been through, and it will also help me to build my immune system back up so I am not susceptible to picking up every illness out there. It will also give me the energy I need to get outside in the fresh air and to start walking and exercising again which I really miss and most importantly it will be the first step in helping me regain my strength for Imogen and our precious time together. My daughter needs her mummy back.


Obviously my example is extreme but it is the only time in my life that I have really fallen off the wagon, not been able to practice what I preach and paid the price. I have always believed that it is important for us Mums to look after our health so that we can feel happy and strong enough to be the best role models we can be to our children. They deserve nothing but the best from us. Being a mother in the 21st century can be tough and there are so many challenges as we live in a multi-tasking world and are often expected to run the home, hold down a job, bring up happy children, and look perfect in the process! I can now see even more clearly from my experiences that to be a good mum, wife, friend and daughter we first need to be strong, healthy, fit and happy otherwise it is very difficult to give everyone we love in our families what they need, and that includes ourselves.  By making the time to eat well, exercise and recharge each week it is a lot easier for us Mums to stay healthy and happy, and this is why I have made the conscious decision today to go back to my good old healthy ways.


Dan cropped photoIt’s going to be a tough year for my family and I as we somehow try to come to terms with our huge loss but I plan to tackle this head on, and by giving my body the nutrients, fuel and strength it needs to help me cope through this heartbreaking time and with the loss of my beautiful brother, whom I love so much and miss every minute of every day.


I am looking forward to regaining my own vitality and helping as many of you as possible to become the healthiest and happiest mums you can be in 2015.


Wishing you all heaps of good health, love and happiness this year.


Laura xx




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