If you fill in the meal planner below it will help you get the shopping in that you need to stick to the nutrition plan for the duration of the Post-Natal Glow 5-Day Challenge! I recommend that you print off your recipes so that you have them easily to hand for the week.


During this 5-day plan you should lose between 1 to 3lbs.

This eating plan is not a crash diet or about counting calories, but it emphasises foods that are extremely nutritious and high in essential fats and protein, and the meals are based on the sound principles of the glycaemic index and include plenty of protein to keep your blood sugar balanced which will in turn even out your appetite, energy and mood and help eliminate your sugar cravings.

Please note: If you are breast-feeding there is more information for breast-feeding mums contained in the Post-Natal Glow 12 Week Online programme. Also, although this plan is 7 days you can follow it for a longer period of 14 or 21 days.

No Cheating!  If you put in the effort you will achieve the desired results!!

Golden Rules/ Meal Planner
Breakfast Smoothie Recipes
Your Lunch Recipes
Your Dinner Recipes
Your Snack Sheet


When will I receive my first Post-Natal workout video?

You will receive your workout video tomorrow that will help to strengthen all of these muscles that get weaker in pregnancy (and many more! and will help you feel stronger in your core and they will help you to flatten your post-natal tummy.


What shall I wear? 

When you are doing the workout video you can wear what you feel comfortable in - a T-shirt and leggings or fitness trousers and top, you can even do it in your pyjamas with good quality trainers!


Do I need any equipment for the workout?

No! Just you and an exercise mat....or the rug in your living room if you don't have an exercise mat!


Why is it important to exercise in the post-natal period?

It is important to take things slowly when beginning any post-natal exercise regime. Your body has been through many changes to grow your beautiful baby so it is important to take time to build up the strength in your tummy, core and pelvic floor first.

After giving birth it does take time to start feeling (and looking) like your old self again, but if you are 4,6 or even 12 months post-natal and you still have a bit of a baby bump it is possible that you have a separation of your abdominal muscles. It doesn’t look like residual weight or extra skin, or if you have a postnatal belly that bulges or protrudes, & seems to stick out and form a cone shape when you get up from lying on your back, then you may have diastasis recti. You can check if you have a stomach separation here >>>


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